The Program Guide

Find your favorite sports, movies, series and more.

Channel your energy into the shows you love. Your program guide will lead you to everything Optimum TV has to offer.

It’s as easy as…

  1. Pressing GUIDE on your remote
  2. Scanning the guide to find what you want
  3. Pressing SEL to watch and enjoy

Access Program Guide

So many choices, so many channels.

One-click access on your remote to find whatever you want

You can get to the Optimum program guide by pushing the Guide button on your remote. Once the guide is onscreen, you're ready to search your favorite Optimum TV programmimg.

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Find Programming

Scan the guide and find anything you want, anytime you want.

Search for movies, sports, news and more.

When a program is highlighted in the program guide, just press Sel and you can watch the program, get more information about it, or record it if you have DVR or Multi-Room DVR service.

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Exclusive Optimum Channels

Get news. Get info. Get moving.

  • News 12
  • Optimum Channel
  • News 12 Varsity
News 12 on Channel 12 & Interactive on Channel 612

News doesn’t get more local than this unless it’s coming from the guy next door. And you can’t trust his sources.

The Optimum Channel

Tune to Channel 14 daily from 9 AM to midnight for informative, entertaining and original shows that shine a light on Optimum products, services and programming.

News 12 Varsity on Channel 614

Catch the best in local high school sports and more original programming around the clock on Optimum Channel 614 or at

Optimum Help

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You can visit to watch tutorials, find answers to frequently asked questions, and to download user guides.